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Pack wisely~ you will be required to send to either zombieboomstick, sweet-mari or scooter-harts-salty a
picture or thing of text telling us what exactly will be in your inventory. Only pack what you could carry yourself. You may keep stuff in your hotel room but you will only have a limited amount of items you may have on your person while you're walking around. Don't tell on your character sheet what you character has on them (unless it's in your comics)

The collab takes place in Unity hotel where your character will be rooming with one other character.

A template for your character sheet will be put up.

Remember, this is a game, we only want minimum information in the beginning. If there are things you want people to learn about your character let it be through your pages. be sure to check your private messages because we will message you telling you what your character will encounter. (ex. "you see a ghostly figure of a crying woman")

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